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Each week MLQC receives calls with questions.
(We love hearing from you, by the way, keep the calls and emails coming!)

The most common question is:
"How do you provide the free shipping to and from your studio?"

Here is the answer:

After you place your order for an Edge to Edge design from our Machine Quilting Page (, a confirmation email is sent out to you summarizing your order; at the bottom of that email is a link to print off the shipping label right at home!!!
((Or if you don't want to print the label yourself; the email provides instructions for the Clerk at Canada Post to print the label for you!!))

For Custom Quilting Orders:

Please contact us at 587-777-5992 or and we will email you the link to print off your shipping label and send your quilt to us.

Note: For custom orders, we provide a quote before any work is started and will work within your personal preferences and budget!

We import a picture of your quilt and have the possible quilt patterns placed on top of the picture of your quilt, this gives a really nice visual of what it will look like, from there we work with you to determine your wants and needs!

We have a tutorial on how to order Edge to Edge Machine Quilting from us on YouTube:

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