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I recently had the opportunity to chat with a lady looking at buying a Gammill. She is comparing to another brand and asked that I tell her all the reasons why a Gammill is better... I could not hit all the points, but I thought it was fair to share some the conversation for those that don't want to ask the question out loud: 

Thanks for the follow up. It’s good to see you are investigating your options before you buy. I know both machines have customers that love their machines, so it’s very much about finding the right one for you. This email is a little long, but there is so much that is different between the 2 that it’s worth the time to read through.
I think a couple of the main points I see that sets Gammill apart are below:
1) Maintenance - Our recommended maintenance is 500 quilts or 5 years.  That's considerable for this type of machine. What I hear more often is “My machine works perfectly, but I should probably have you look at it anyway.” The one thing that always throws me about {another brand} is the “When do I have to send my machine back to {another brand}” faq. This is a question that is foreign to Gammill owners because we don’t send machines back, I come to your house to fix. Our service policy is in-home/business. Always. I will show you some general maintenance tips, but for the most part, unless something dramatic happens, there is no need to pull your machine apart. We offer first day in-home/business training, and a three day course in our (store to come) place so you have every advantage when you buy our machine. Also, once you have taken our beginning training session once  you can come back as many times as you like!  This training set up will allow you to benefit from different people who attend the class, a person who has had their machine for 2 weeks is going to ask very different question than someone that has had their machine for 6 months and you will all benefit from that! 
2) Warranty - Gammill has one of the best warranties on the market. We have a very small published list of wear and tear parts that I would replace for you when I come to your house to service your machine (if required), but the balance of that list is warranty. Having said that, we don’t normally have issues with our machines AND our warranty covers commercial use. If the coverage does not specifically say commercial use, its for a reason.
3) Lets talk about CS for a minute. CS is a Gammill program. Like Apple, it’s made by the manufacturer of the hardware, so they have the flexibility to exploit certain functions it does well. Like border-corner feature, point-2-point, custom features, and more. And like Apple, all our upgrades are FREE. Meaning if you are running CS6 now, you will be able to run CS7 in a few months. In the mean time, you can download CS7 in demo form and play around. It is very intuitive and easy to use. There are plenty of videos as well. A new feature now is cursive text and box letters. Very cool stuff.  Creative Studio has 25 years of programming behind it, and is 25 years advance from other programs trying to catch up.  Also, we run CS on a commercial grade computer made to last!   We include 1400 patterns with the Statler, this alone is a huge savings…
I have met the programmer and he is extremely intelligent. They have taken feedback from quilters around the world and incorporated it into the new versions. One of the coolest new features is Pattern Cloud. A free online storage place for all of your patterns. Sorted by name or tags. when you log in to Pattern Cloud from either your laptop with the stand alone version, or your computer on the Statler, you can access all the same patterns. And, if you don’t have the right one, you can purchase it right from Pattern Cloud store. Innovation that only comes when the manufacturer is the software developer too!
The software that {another brand} uses is developed for multiple brands of longarm machines and platforms and is limited to the desire of the software developer to incorporate new features. I believe they charge for upgrades as well. 
4) If you look at the construction of our table, we have the strongest table in the industry. No centre legs, re-inforcements or worse yet, bending and instability. One thing that has not been publicized is that if you buy now, you get a next generation table at no extra charge. The table for our next generation machine has been manufactured and produced and is being shipped with new machines now. It is much stronger than even our old one, and significantly stronger than competitor. But at what cost???
5) I want to address pricing for a minute, because I know that’s what our competitors discuss when they talk about Gammill. We are expensive… sort of. Out of the gate, our Statlers include things like Stitch Regulators, X and Y channel locks, Breeze track system (originally designed by Gammill) and so much more. The base cost of the machine at $33,999 USD is actually a similar price to the comparable (other machine) ($33,150 USD). So, I think its important to note that the pricing in USD is a little misleading. When we exchange the rate, we use a preferred rate that is in cases 2-4% lower than exchanging at a bank, that is why we quote in Canadian dollars.  
Thanks for the questions. I could go on and on about the differences. I would love to explain this in person, but I understand it’s not easy to get down to Cochrane.  I want to invite you to our place (home for now, store coming this summer) to use our machine. Bring a small quilt and play, or use our test quilt. We can go into more of the differences at that time, and show you the benefits while playing Statler! 
Andrew Bentley
Sales and Service
Maple Leaf Quilting Company
156 Sunset Manor
Cochrane, AB
T4C 0N2
Phone: (587) 777-1420
If you have any questions about this, or any other product on the market, I would love to hear from you. I encourage all future long arm owners to shop around and get the machine that best fits your needs. And if that is a Gammill, we will give you the best service our abilities allow. If that is another brand, we welcome you to the long arm community and hope you drop by the store in the future. 
Best Regards and happy shopping,
Andrew Bentley
Gammill Guy - Canadian Style.

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