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Founded by Tracy & Andrew Bentley, we believe in the power of courageously completing quilts. The quality of our craftsmanship and the quilters we employ are our mission in life at Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd.







We provide professional installation and training on all new Gammill machines.

We drive to the USA each month and transport your machine back to Canada!
In most cases, your machine never leaves the hands of Gammill or Team Maple Leaf until it is delivered and set up in your home.

After machine set-up, you will receive hands-on assistance to get you started on your machine.
The length of in-house training depends on what machine you have purchased.

We have a network of available TECHNICIANS👷🏼‍♂️ across western Canada.
There are dedicated service technicians for Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta! 🇨🇦
We recommend having regular maintenance on your machine approximately every 5 years or 500 quilts.

Longarm Services | Try Before You Buy | Purchase New or Used

Whatever your level of investment or curiosity, we are here to help!
We have a waiting list for used machines! You can sign up to be on our used notification list HERE.

Interested in a new machine? Contact us to find out more!

An adventure began with...

One frustrated quilter...

One husband that said, 'Go for it!'

...and the family business was born! 

From us, you can expect exceptional products and services.

We are there for your quilting journey no matter what level of quilting you are at.

We can quilt for you.

We can train you to longarm quilt.

We welcome you to our Gammill family!


Tracy was a frustrated quilter: frustrated with being unable to get target times from her local longarm quilters; frustrated with very few pattern options; frustrated with batting not being included with the quilting service; and frustrated with very limited options for any mail-in quilting service outside the USA without a huge shipping expense.

At the time, our family lived hours outside a major centre and options for longarm quilting were of low quality, with a low service level.

Thoughts and whispers about buying a longarm machine stemmed from this corporate girl turned stay-at-home mom's dissatisfaction with available longarm quilting services. She just wanted to know when her quilt would be done!

Tracy wondered what would happen if you took the processes and service of a corporate environment and used those techniques in a longarm quilting business? 

What if you started a mail-in service for other Canadians going through the same frustrations in remote areas?

What if you INCLUDED SHIPPING COSTS with the longarm quilting service?

The whispers became words, the words became conversations and conversations became a business plan!

…and the business plan?

The business plan became a non-stop discussion over lunches, suppers, BBQs, days at the beach… you get the idea! 


The discussions blossomed into Andrew (the awesome husband) saying, ‘I know you can do this - it’s a great idea!'

This one sentence has grown into our full time family business!

We sell, service and train folks all across western Canada on Gammill Longarm Quilting machines!

We have the #1 Quilt by Mail service in all of Canada!

We have created an easy online ordering system for you to mail in your quilts and have them completed and shipped back right to your front door!

We were the first in Canada to offer an easy online ordering interface for longarm quilting services, with free batting and hundreds of edge-to-edge patterns to choose from.

We quilt for customers all over North America! 

Lots of folks have tried to replicate our online ordering system, but NONE have replicated our awesome service, staff, FREE SHIPPING and BATTING!!


Whether they purchase new or used longarm, Gammill owners know that we use these machines everyday and when they call for help, we are here to assist. We want you to be successful at whatever level you are quilting.

We provide many educational opportunities throughout the year, bringing in world-class instructors for you right here in western Canada!

Our retreats and classes are available for owners of ALL MAKES AND MODELS of longarm quilting machines!

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Thank you for your support and patronage!

YOU are the reason we do this everyday!

By supporting our small family business, YOU have created Canadian jobs supporting Canadian quilters!