Hand Guided Classes | Maple Leaf Longarm Retreat | June 2018

Hand Guided Classes & Lectures
Classes by Jodi Robinson & Sharon Blackmore

Hand guided classes are both hands on with Gammill Vision 2.0 longarms, as well as lecture/demo style! Classes are listed by instructor name.
We are pleased to have two Gammill Quilt Artists, Jodi Robinson and Sharon Blackmore, sharing their love of quilting with us!

If you have questions, please contact us at or 403-981-3500.

Modern Simplicity – 3 Hr. Hands On Class - All levels
Instructor: Jodi Robinson

Are you having difficulty trying to decide exactly what designs to use when quilting modern quilts? Whether you are making your own modern quilts or receiving them from your customers, Jodi will show you some amazingly SIMPLE free-hand designs that are very adaptable and effective in achieving texture and movement, in the often irregular shaped piecing and large areas of negative space found in many modern quilts. You will learn the basic designs, and then, how you can add to them to create more complex variations, depending on the look you want to achieve. These designs are not just for modern quilts; many can also be used on fun kids quilts, as well as quilts needing a more masculine design. You are going to be amazed by the adaptability of these very SIMPLE designs.
Please bring the following items to class: notebook, pen/pencil, scissors or snips

Tilework - 3 Hr. Hands On Longarm - Skill Level: All
Instructor: Jodi Robinson

Let me show you a fun way to create unique designs that are so versatile you can use them as background fills, in borders and blocks, and as feature designs in large areas of negative space. By marking a basic “Tilework” layout (think: straight grid, circular grid, triangles, mosaic, and more), then filling in areas with multiple freehand designs, you will create designs that are unique to you! You will see how endless the options are when you discover how many creative options you have. You can choose to have “grout” lines between your tiles if you like (or not), and then decide if you will quilt them, leave them unquilted, or fill them with a design. All of these creative options allow you to determine the textural effects your design will provide.
Please bring the following items to class: your favorite ruler for stitching straight lines, Notebook, pen/pencil, scissors or snips

One Basic Shape … Endless Possibilities: Hexagons - Demo/Lecture Instructor: Jodi Robinson

Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut when trying to come up with new quilting designs? I know I do! I want to share with you a method that I have found works really well for me, in sparking new ideas. We will start with one shape, in this case a Hexagon. We will work on block and border ideas, as well as background fills and allover designs. I will show you how easy it is to create new designs using just the basic shape alone, mixing different sizes, and using only portions of a shape. The really fun thing is that some of the designs don’t even look like they were made with a hexagon. You will definitely leave this class with your creativity flowing!
Please bring the following items to class: Your favorite ruler for stitching straight lines (you may also want a small ruler for stitching curves), Notebook, pen/pencil, scissors or snips

Straight Line Quilting with a Modern Twist - Demo/Lecture All levels
Instructor: Jodi Robinson

While you might love the look of straight line quilting, especially on modern quilts, you can become easily bored when doing it on a large quilt, or even a large area of a quilt. Jodi will show you some very simple ways that you can break things up a bit, by adding some bends and twists to your straight lines and a couple of tricks to create optical illusions within straight line quilting. You will also learn some neat ways to add small areas of interest using straight, wavy, and flowing curvy lines, both alone or together. These twists on the basic straight line are not just for modern quilts, but will work wonderfully on many styles of quilts.
Please bring the following items to class: favorite straight edge for stitching straight lines, notebook, pen/pencil, scissors or snips, fabric marking tool of your choice for use on both light and dark fabrics

How Do I Quilt This? A Quilting Plan Kick-Starter - Lecture
Instructor: Sharon Blackmore
Do you ever find yourself staring at a quilt top, struggling to come up with a quilting plan? Sometimes the answers are right in front of us, but many times they are not! How do you decide when to do Edge to Edge, Custom, or a combination of both? Sharon will share her “Cheat-Sheet” of kick-starter questions to help you make those design decisions. We will review different styles of quilt tops and walk through making quilting plans together, so you can apply the same methods at home. Stop wondering and start stitching!

Panto Playground - Lecture 2 hours
Instructor: Sharon Blackmore
If you are ready to jump into the world of hand guided custom quilting, then this is a great place to start. You will learn how to embellish pantographs with simple freehand details to give a unique and special touch to your quilts. Sharon will show you what to look for in Edge to Edge designs, how to “set them” on the quilt, and how to choose what freehand quilting will compliment them. This class is great for both hand guided and computerized quilters. You’ll discover a whole new way to PLAY!

No Fear Feathers. Drawing & Design - 3 hr Hands On
Instructor: Sharon Blackmore

Are you intimidated by the thought of freehand feathers? Do your feather attempts look like water balloons or corn dogs? (Tracy, I am NOT looking at you, wink) If you think that you will never be able to quilt a freehand feather, then this class is exactly where you need to be. Sharon will share her tested methods for learning how to quilt beautiful feathers in any style and building your muscle memory so that you can do it time and time again. We will even venture into putting those feathers in unusual spaces, so that you can develop your visual special skills. You CAN quilt feathers!

Magic Time Management - Lecture 1 hour
Instructor: Sharon Blackmore

Does your busy schedule get in the way of your creative pursuits? Learn how to make more hours in the day magically appear by changing the way you view time. Sharon will show you how to become, and more importantly stay, creatively engaged so you can spend less time juggling and more time creating. You will gain several new ideas for manipulating time, making you a more efficient and productive quilter. Whether quilting is your hobby or your career, you will benefit greatly from these tips from a very busy quilter.

Express Yourself – A Trunk Show (60-90 mins)
Presented by Sharon Blackmore

Learn the essential elements of show stopping quilts, and how to infuse these key ingredients into your own quilting, in any style! This educational style trunk show will arm you with the 3 secrets to creating successful dynamic quilts, allowing your quilts to be a true reflection of who you are. You will gain insight and inspiration to choose fabrics with confidence, as you learn to embrace the creative journey that quilt making offers.

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