List of Common Parts for your Gammill

While most parts are readily available from Maple Leaf Quilting Company, it will be faster and cheaper to have them on hand in case they are required. If you are further away, it would be helpful to have additional parts to avoid downtime. 

Are you close to your dealer?

  1. Bobbin Case (at least 1 new one)
  2. Check Spring Assembly
  3. Belt
  4. Replacement buttons for front and rear
  5. Anti-Backlash Springs
  6. Thread Guides (3)
  7. Fuse (will vary depending on machine)
  8. Encoder O-Ring (2)
  9. Cone Spring (2) 

Are you more than 3 hours from your closest dealer? You may need to have a couple more parts:

  1. Hook
  2. Intermittent Tension
  3. Cone Springs
  4. Felt Washer
  5. Thread Guides (5)
  6. Bobbin Case (2)
  7. I/O Power button (Vision 2.0 Owner)
  8. Needle Bar
  9. Presser Bar

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