Quilt By Mail - Longarm Services

What is Quilt by Mail? 


Quilt by Mail is a mail in longarm quilting service for all of North America.   We were the first in Canada to offer this service with an easy to order online interface.  

What sets Maple Leaf Quilting Company apart from other quilting services?

Although this service has been copied no one has been able to match our level of service to our customers:

  • We pay for shipping to and from our studio for any order over $100 (Canada ONLY)
  • We include the first layer of batting with your quilting service.  You have 3 choices of Hobbs Heirloom 80/20. ( natural, bleached or dark) 
  • We have over 350 quilting patterns categorized and ready to compliment any quilting style. (We have over 1000 edge to edge patterns and are slowing adding them each month) 
  • We offer premium options such as wool batting, a 2nd layer of batting, binding service, as well as, a large selection of wideback fabrics! 

How do I ship my quilt to Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd? 

This is easy peasy!  

Once you pick your perfect quilt options; put your order in online you will receive a confirmation email.  

On this confirmation email is the link to fill our your shipping label. (This is available in Canada only!)  Follow the steps to fill our your name and address, print the label and attach to your package!

Don't feel like doing that?  No problem, take a copy of the confirmation email to your local Canada Post office and the clerk will do the work for you! (The email has the instructions for the Canada Post clerk)

How do I prepare my quilt for shipping? 

Please keep in mind; your quilt is quilted in the condition it is received.  

Once your quilt is received we do a light pressing to remove fold lines from shipping.   As part of the quilt preparation process we measure your quilt at the top, middle and bottom to confirm if the measurements match.  If these measurements are significantly different, it means the quilt is not square and may require a tuck here and there to lay flat on the quilting frame. 

If your quilt top has open seams, food stuck to it, stains or excessive pet hair it will be quilted in this condition.  

We would be happy to do small repairs, our labour rate is $35 per hour to cover our time. 

Your quilt should be in ready to quilt condition: 

  • Final pressing completed
  • No open seams
  • Backing fabric should be 3-4 inches larger than your quilt top on all sides

Tips for sending your quit top:

  • If you have a pieced backing we recommend to pin your top to the backing to give us a visual of direction of design for both the top and bottom of your quilt. 
  • If you choose a quilting design that is directional it is very helpful if you pin a note to the top of your quilt top so that the patten is going in the right direction. 
  • If your backing fabric is directional, and you would like it quilted in a certain direction, please pin it to the quilt top as you would like it quilted.  (Some folks like to have the directional fabric going the same way as the quilt top, others like it to go opposite so when they fold the quilt down on the bed it is going the same direction as the quilt top fabric.)
  • If you are sending multiple quilts it is helpful to wrap the backing and top up  together with a note saying what pattern and thread to to the quilt.  This helps to distinguish between your other quilts when shipped and ordered at the same time.  We very much appreciate this very much!!!

What is your turn around time? 

Currently, our turnaround time is approximately 2-4 weeks from the time your quilt reaches our studio.  

If the turnaround time is more or less than this we post updates on our website as required.  

If ever in question, please contact us at: or 403-981-3500 and we will be happy to confirm current turnaround time. 





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