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Maple Leaf Longarm Retreats


Maple Leaf Quilting Company and Gammill are excited to bring you the 2nd Annual Maple Leaf Longarm Retreat.

** This event is open to all longarm owners regardless of make or model of machine OR for those folks interested in exploring longarm quilting to see if it is something they may want to pursue!  **

June 7 - 9, 2019 in Kelowna, BC.

Group:                                  Maple Leaf Quilting 
Number:                              CCH-GFC24239
(**PLEASE NOTE: As of May 11, 2018 our group booking has reached the maximum and there are a VERY LIMITED number of hotel rooms remaining at the Coast Capri Hotel and Conference Centre | Please contact Maple Leaf Quilting Company for other accommodation suggestions**) 


We will be hosting this event at The Coast Capri Hotel and Conference Centre  i

Coast Capri, Maple Leaf Longarm Retreatn Kelowna. This venue has all the amenities of a large hotel including restaurants, lounges, a large pool and courtyard.  The conference centre is on one level and close together for easy access. The food will exceed all your expectations. You will be close to downtown, the waterfront and great shopping. Arrive early or stay later. There is plenty to do in Kelowna. 




We have secured 5 educators to help grow your knowledge of your machine. Two Statler educators teaching courses on CS7.1 and three hand-guided teachers. One classroom will be hands-on and one will be classroom. Truly and experience you will not want to miss. 

Early-bird registration opens February 18, 2019 and will be open UNTIL MARCH 22. Early bird fee is $649 plus GST.

After March 22, 2019 the registration fee will be $699. 

The registration fee includes:

  • All meals included as follows:  Friday 3:30pm (Snack - Supper) //  Saturday (Breakfast - Lunch - Supper & 2 Snacks) \\  Sunday 3:30pm (Breakfast- Lunch & 2 Snacks)
  • All activities and entertainment in the evenings 
  • Full class schedule to choose from  (2.5 days FULL of awesome class choices) (3 hand guided instructors & 2 computerized instructors! )  All class descriptions will be posted so you can read over the class options before registration opens up.... classes will be booked on first come basis and there will be both hands on (with machines) and lecture style available. 

Rooms are not included and can be booked directly with the Coast Capri Hotel using Maple Leaf Quilting Company's block of rooms.

Additional guests for meals only will be confirmed when class registrations open and will be charged separately at that time.

Retreat will start on Friday June 7 with registration beginning at noon. Reception dinner and special event for Friday Night. Training will commence on Saturday and continue through Sunday afternoon. Registration fee includes all meals from Friday night until Sunday Afternoon. 

Class descriptions are listed below!

Enrolment for classes will be available shortly.... working on them as we speak!  

There will be 2.5 days full of classes with 3 hand guided instructors and 2 computerized instructors.  Classes will vary from hands on (working on machines) to lecture style! 

Unfortunately, due to the level of commitment for this event, no refunds will be available after April 1st, 2019. 

Thanks again. 

Andrew and Tracy.

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Maple Leaf Longarm Retreat


We are excited to announce our trainers for 2019 Retreat!!

Jodi Robinson 

Jodi Robinson

Jodi Robinson has been a professional quilter for more than 20 years. She has been teaching at national shows across the country for more than a decade and has won numerous national awards.


Karen Sievert

Purchasing her first long arm in 1998, Karen became passionate about free motion quilting and the way the quilting could totally transform the quilt. She is an author, educator, and her quilts have won national and international awards.


Christine Perrigo 

Christine Perrigo is an award-winning, internationally exhibited longarm quilter and has been quilting since 2003. With an extensive background in computer science, she has a unique, approach to computerized and surface design.


Page Johnson 

Page Johnson is a professional long-arm quilter from Minnesota. She’s been quilting most of her life and began her professional career in 2001 with free-motion quilting. She purchased a Statler in 2006. 


Dara Tomasson

Dara takes her formal training as a school teacher into her free motion quilting instruction. She loves to share her process of how she approaches quilt from start to finish with lots of valuable tips and tricks along the way.




Classes by Page Johnson 

Starting off Square and Keeping Straight with a Frame Quilting System        

"Not all Quilts are Created Equal" Proper loading and squaring are the key. Regardless of what system you use Page will demonstrate fast and easy techniques for squaring and controlling the top thru the quilting process. Page will provide the proof that, "Yes, you can quilt it out".  (All rail Systems Short, Mid and Longarm) (3 hour Lecture, Power Point with pictures and Video Segments)

Turning Point to Point into Profit  (STATLER) 

Learn the secret of overall P2P custom. The block designs appear perfect, as if you set each design in separately. Set up an entire pattern row with Point 2 Point, then watch as it stitches all patterns continuously. Concatenating P2P opens up even more possibilities. Your imagination will take off as you start to "see" the elements of each design. Create custom quilting in a fraction of the time--after all, "time is money." Class will cover set up of several examples, as well as Stitch out tips.

Turn the Corner with Confidence  (STATLER)

Borders can make the quilting “Sing or Sting”. Learn multiple ways to turn the corner of a border on a quilt with or without turning the quilt top. Border Corner, Triangle Borders, Butted Borders, and Borders set up in repeat patterns are just some of the techniques available to Statler users. Apply has made the process even easier. Piano Key (the easy way) are covered along with fill around an appliqué. Uneven and wavy borders are a snap once you have the knowledge and confidence to “Turn the Corner”. 

Mistakes Happen and “Yes, You Can Quilt That Out”  

While quilting for customers you quickly learn that "Not all Quilts Are Created Equal". Join Page as she shares the “OH NO” moments in her quilting life along with the solutions. You will see some common issues and maybe some you never thought of. Learn to handle difficult quilts; either it come with issues or they occurred during the quilting process. Wonky quilts, wavy borders, getting back on track after removing a large area of stitching in the middle of an Edge to Edge, holes and open seams, volcano intersection and many more everyday problems. PowerPoint of pictures and videos showing the before, “the FIX’ and the after.

Quilting Makes the Quilt 

Page Johnson has been quilting professionally for 18 years. Join her as she takes a trip down memory lane with a tour of several award-winning quilts. She will discuss the thought process behind the designs, the issues she had to overcome and what she learned from each project. See the before and after pictures, what was done and redone.  

Follow That Line (Playing with Apply)  (STATLER)

Follow Page as she explores the Apply feature. The possibilities are endless: borders, around applique, filling large open areas, circular piecing, serpentine lines (think Jacueline De Jonge quilts) This class will provide you with inspiration, along with easy to follow guidelines and techniques to use P2P designs. Many examples will be discussed along with a power point showing the process on actual quilts. Not only the design process but the actual quilting

Concatenating Point 2 Point   (STATLER)

Point to Point patterns have always been used in borders and pieced blocks. Now with the addition of Concatenating, P2P can be so much more. Let Page show you how to use P2P to fill borders, sashing and the backgrounds of many popular pieced blocks with a different design in each space. This class will provide you with inspiration, along with easy to follow guidelines and techniques to use P2P designs. A power point will showcase examples of how P2P designs are used on actual quilts.

Beyond Edge 2 Edge  (STATLER)

It is not Edge to Edge but Overall quilting. Repeat patterns and the designs that quilt over the entire top are the money makers of our industry. Come see how Repeat Patterns can be used along with Fill and Concatenating to create a truly "Non Cookie-Cutter" layout. Small pattern adjustments make the designs flow from row to row; not just line up. Discover the tricks to make multiple rows quilt over and back without stopping or tying off Make your everyday quilting Over the Top!

Dealing with and Resolving Customer Issues (Business)  

If you are in business, you are dealing with customers. Most of these experiences are positive, but every now and then a problem arises. With over 18 years of quilting for customers Page has dealt with a few issues. Join her as she shares her insight on dealing with the “Little” hic ups we all face. Managing the Customer as well as the quilting. You will leave with some great ground rules to avoid trouble and some step by step guidelines to dealing with a full blown “hissy fit”. Keep those customers coming back for more.

Classes by Jodi Robinson 

Fill it with Style!   (Hands On Using Classroom Machines)

In this class you will learn over 20 background fill designs that create amazing texture and add visual interest to your quilting.  You will also discover how much fun it is to combine freeform ruler work and free motion quilting together.  We will also cover pebble quilting, and some of the fun ways you can change it up, to make it your own.  In addition to the actual designs, I will share with you some very simple design ideas, such as adding in small areas of interest, and implied frames and borders that will take your background fill designs to a new level.

More than Just Lines – Hands On Using Classroom Machines 

In this class, I will show you some of the amazing things that can be done with simple lines!  Based on designs from my new book “More than Just Lines”, I will show you that lines do not have to be quilted simply one after the other … they can do SO much more.  You will learn designs that can be used in all areas of your quilts; blocks, borders, backgrounds, etc.  You are going to be amazed by the movement, and illusions that can be created by simply bending, or curving the lines in specific areas.  Students should be confident stitching with a straight and curved ruler.

Stencil Magic – Lecture / Demo or Drawing 

Confident beginner/All levels

Let me show you how to use basic stencils to create extraordinary new designs that have an updated, more contemporary/modern feel.  You will learn how to use stencils as a backbone to create new designs.  I will show you how to create multiple designs from a single stencil; for backgrounds, blocks, and borders.  You will also learn how to use the full stencils, as well as how you can utilize only pieces and parts of them.  We will also discuss marking methods.  You will go home and look at your stencils in a whole new way!  

Tilework - (NEW) Lecture / Drawing 

Confident beginner/All levels

Let me show you a fun way to create unique designs that are so versatile you can use them as background fills, in borders and blocks, and as feature designs in large areas of negative space.  By marking a basic “Tilework” layout (think: straight grid, circular grid, triangles, mosaic, and more), then filling in areas with multiple freehand designs, you will create designs that are unique to you!  You will see how endless the options are when you discover how many creative options you have.  You can choose to have “grout” lines between your tiles if you like (or not), and then decide if you will quilt them, leave them un-quilted, or fill them with a design.  All of these creative options allow you to determine the textural effects your design will provide.  

A Perfect Combination! – Wholecloth Quilts - Lecture/Drawing

In this class, I will teach you how easily you can combine computerized quilting designs and free motion/ruler work quilting, to create amazing wholecloth quilts.  I will show you how a little pre-planning, and simple layout marking, will give you the basic framework to stitch your own original wholecloth quilt.  The design possibilities are truly endless!  The beauty of combining computerized designs with free motion quilting, is that you can let the computer stitch the design elements, that you may not be comfortable stitching yourself.  The addition of free motion/ruler work, quilting, allows you to then add your own personal style, and create a one of a kind, “unique to you” wholecloth quilt. 

A Perfect Combination!  Blocks & Borders  - Lecture/Drawing

Do you have a computerized quilting system … But love freehand quilting as well?  Let me show you how well the two can work together, to create the perfect combination! See how you can let the computer stitch out the basic framework or base design, and then you can go back in and add some fun free hand, or ruler quilting!  This is a great way to create your own unique quilting designs.  You can add just a little quilting, or as much as you like, depending on the desired look. We will discuss which type of digital designs work well, and which don’t. 

Classes by Karen Sievert 

Ready, Set, Go!  Level: Beginner  (Hands On Using Classroom Machines)  

Are you new to long arming? Or, are you tired from working from the back of the machine; tired of just doing edge to edge? Then, this is the class for YOU!  We’ll discuss and perform basics, like basting on a quilt, tension, thread burying. We’ll explore simple fills and the importance of essential ruler work.  Free motion is fun, puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you so many more opportunities! This is a great ‘starter’ class that’s meant to get you Ready to Go!! Let’s put on those Nikes and “Just Do It”!!!

Student Supply List: 

Paper and pencil/pen for notes and drawing

Thread snips

Straightedge Long Arm Ruler 


Free Motion Feathers  (Hands On Using Classroom Machines)  

Drawing class covering a variety of feather styles, how to navigate inner and outer curves, etc.

Description: I know, many of you are just ‘done’ with feathers. But, wouldn’t you agree that there are some quilts that just scream for feather work??  Traditional, applique and whole cloth are just a few examples!  Just knowing a few ways to make feathers is a great tool to have in your free-motion arsenal!!  Karen will show you several methods for making feathers, taking you on a journey from formal, folksy, whimsical and just plain fun!  Remember, at some point, feathers are for everyone.

Trapunto and Shadow Trapunto (Lecture / Demo-Drawing) 

Overview:  In this class, students will learn about trapunto, when it’s effective and how to do it; i.e. marking, quilting, cut-away, re-quilting.

Description: There’s something breathtaking about the depth and dimension that trapunto adds to a quilt. In this lecture/demo, we’ll learn where, when and How to do trapunto and shadow trapunto. Students will get to participate in 2 of the aspects, the marking and the “cut away”, further enhancing their understanding of the process.

The Finishing Touch  (Lecture) 

Overview: Topics covered include a bias border, piping, beaded piping, scalloped bindings, prairie points and beaded embellishment.

Description: Sometimes, its those extra touches we put in at the end of a quilt that can really make all the difference. In this class we’ll explore techniques for a bias edged border, adding piping and beaded piping, scalloped bindings, prairie points in borders and bindings and how easy it is to add beaded embellishments. Truly….the Finishing Touch!

DREAM BIG FILLS!!!   (Demo - Lecture- Drawing) 

I really Love the “Dream Big” panel by Hoffman!I think its because it allows all of us to be creative with how we fill each of the petals!   Yet, it can also be challenging to come up with so many different fills and make the quilt visually interesting.

Let me pose a question…Which is more captivating, the panel in which every petal has been quilted exactly the same?  Or is the panel in which a wide variety of fills was used??  I believe we’d all agree that the variety is far more appealing!!  It makes the eyes want to travel around the quilt, looking for each new technique because each petal is different and unique, just as in nature!!!

Here’s the thing….. it’s YOUR panel, and YOU can quilt it any way you want!  Because each of us is different and unique, so too will our quilts be!  I absolutely love that about quilting; each if us can make the same quilt, yet come up with something uniquely our own!!!  It’s all base on out preferences and skill sets and that becomes in essence, a reflection of ourselves!

Listen, there’s no rocket science involved in this.  Just a simple willingness to explore, experiment, and enjoy! From simple to complex, fills are a great creative outlet.  So let YOUR inspiration soar, and never be afraid to DREAM BIG!!!!!

Supplies: Pen and paper for drawing & thread snips

Tools Rule!!  (Lecture / Demo-Drawing) 

Overview: We’ll discuss tools like rulers (templates), stencils, markers, needles, etc. Some drawing because many of the quilting ideas are based on grids.

Description: Every man I know says it’s easier to get the job done when he has the right tools in his toolbox!  And we quilters, can also benefit from that motto!!  From the expected to the unexpected, Karen will guide you through a variety of tools. Cross hatching, curved crosshatching, pearls, plaids, piano keys, clamshells, feather spines, basket weaves, ribbon weaves and more!! From modern to traditional, many beautiful fills can be accomplished with the right tools at our disposal!! 


Classes by Christine Perrigo 

Mastering Stitch in the Ditch with CS7 (2.5 hour) (STATLER)

Stitch in the Ditch (SID) can make or break a custom quilt.  

There is no need to dread SID on your next custom quilt.  Instead, embrace the Statler tools you already know that will have you using SID like a pro.  In this class, you will master digital ditch work without a ruler.  Highlights of tools and features include; Draw line/arc; Toolbar customization; Controller definitions; Getting your laser in sync with the needle; Tie and bury threads; Quilt stabilization and basting; and ‘surfing’ with a ruler base.  We will also focus on troubleshooting methods of how to deal with seams that are pressed to the side or open and what to do when the points don’t match.  Each student will have some hands on practice time on the Statler.  You will leave this class with a new appreciation for SID, and new tools to take that next custom quilt to the next level.

Whole Quilt Blueprint for Modern Quilts (STATLER)

Modern quilts pack a lot of WOW factor, but can seem intimidating.  Explore effective approaches of tackling these modern beauties by utilizing a whole quilt layout method that will be overlaid on a photo of the quilt. Designing digitally will allow you to design elements on the same scale as the piecing, and use methods and patterns that you already know. Design a roadmap of all the quilting designs that you will use ahead of time. The designs will be broken down into ‘stitchable’ sections to maximize your throat space. Tools and features highlighted in this class include Import Image; Draw line/arc; Fill; Boundaries; Apply and Relocate. This class will be taught in SAM. This class will include an in-depth discussion of what makes a modern quilt; design approaches appropriate for modern quilts; and guidance on choosing the ‘right’ pattern(s).  

Using Apply and Fill to create a custom pattern  (STATLER SAM Class)

Being able to create you own unique pattern can make your custom quilting really special.  In this class, you will learn a couple of approaches to creating custom patterns utilizing patterns that you already own. You will learn how to draw a block in CAD and create custom patterns, for the block you created.  Tools and features highlighted in this class include Draw line/arc; Fill; Boundaries; and Saving Patterns. This class will be taught in SAM. Discussion will focus on finding the ‘right’ pattern to get the job done, as well as touching on design principles that make a quilting design pop. 

Illusions of Continuity: Using Fill to the Fullest (STATLER - 1.5-2 Hour SAM Class) 

Take your understanding of “fill” to a whole new level. We will use simple patterns to create background fills that seemingly flow behind foreground elements. Learn to use a “Master Pattern” to create multiple fills that limit the edge stitching found in more ‘typical’ fills for a fully custom design.  Tools and features highlighted in this class include:  Boundaries; Fill; Pattern manipulation; Nodes; Relocate; and Pattern properties. This class will be taught in SAM. Your custom quilts will stand out and your customers will be amazed at what you can do.


Digitizing a Quilting Design from an Image (STATLER - 1.5-2 Hour SAM Class)

Have you ever been able to draw a design that you would like to quilt, but could not find a pattern that was close enough? If so, this class is for you! Understanding all that can be done with the seemingly simple Draw Arc tool in Creative Studio will change your approach to digital quilting. Using imported images of a design you would like to quilt, you will learn tricks and tools to digitize designs from your chosen image.  Tools and features highlighted in this class include:  Import image; Draw arc; Order join; Nodes; and Saving Patterns. This class will be taught in SAM. After this class, you will definitely be using the Draw Arc tool to enhance your custom quilts.  

Classes by Dara Tomasson 

Trunk Show 

A trained teacher and gifted story teller, Dara will inspire, educate and fill the room with inspiration to encourage all to stretch themselves in their quilting endeavours. If your guild or group would like an extra half hour to an hour for ‘how do I quilt it’ time, please discuss upon booking. Attendees should bring their physical quilt along with them and have sent a photo of the quilt beforehand.

A New Approach

This course provides a whole new set of tools to solve the age old question: ‘how do I quilt it?’ I will teach a new way to look at shapes and to look for new shapes. We will then explore how traditional quilts can be transformed by applying these tools. I will show real life examples quilt transformations. I will then demonstrate the method of breaking down these tools on various quilts to show the transformative process. Come prepared with an open mind and a sharp pencil as we work together to give a fresh approach to tackling the often repeated question of ‘how do I quilt it?’

Don’t Let Borders Become Barriers

Whether you are free motion quilting or using a Statler this class will open your eyes to new approaches to creating dynamic borders that can be achieved through new designs with a new approach. I will be teaching a variety of feathers, whole new look at spilt boarders, different fills, and expanding the use of lines. After I share various examples of boarders using these techniques, we will delve in applying these new tools in creating beautiful boarders for the quilts of the future.

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