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Statler by Gammill | Maple Leaf Longarm Retreat | Classes June 2018

Class Descriptions for Statler by Gammill
Classes by Joan Knight - Corey Pearson - Sharon Blackmore

These classes are suitable for owners of Statler by Gammill systems or those who are interested in what the Statler system has to offer!

If you have questions please contact us at or 403-981-3500.

Let’s Get Technical: Controller Definition, Diagnostics and Database Administration
Instructor: Corey Pearson

Creative Studio can be more personalized than you think. Learning the different options that you have can make your quilting easier and faster. We will dive into the technical aspects of Creative Studio. Diagnostics is a section of Creative Studio that is sometimes overlooked. It contains a huge amount of information that can help you if you ever have to troubleshoot your machine. We are all obsessed with the new Pattern Manager in Creative Studio, but did you know there is also has a techie side to it as well? We will take a look at how Database Administration can help you with your database.

Statler Family: Overview of CS7
Instructor: Joan Knight with Corey Pearson

This class is a wonderful follow up to Let’s Get Technical. Join Joan as she and Corey take you on a journey with CS7. Taking a stroll through CS version 7, this class will look at the CAD screen, the icons, and the tool strip to see what they do, how they work, and how to understand them. Knowing what you are looking at in CS7 is a big key to success.

E2E Easy
Instructor: Corey Pearson

E2E is fast and easy, and is the backbone of your business. Learn how to set them up, keep them straight, and get them done so you can move on to the next quilt.

A Modern View of Repeat Patterns
Instructor: Joan Knight

This session will give a review of repeat pattern basics, move on to modern linear quilting and finally show how to use repeat patterns and give your customers different quilting options! …or give yourself different quilting options!

It’s a Border Corner!
Instructor: Joan Knight

It’s a border corner, or is it? Let’s talk border corner basics, an easy way to increase your income with a custom touch. Joan will talk about different border corner designs and patterns, and how best to use them, as well as surprise you with some unusual uses for border corner patterns!

Filling the Space
Instructor: Joan Knight

Does the fill feature have you scratching your head? This class is for you!
Let’s talk about how the fill function can elevate your quilting skillset. Understanding this feature is the key to being successful and offering your quilt tops the custom touches they deserve.

Pay It Forward
Instructor: Joan Knight

Have you seen peeks of a new quilt on Joan’s You Tube channel?
She hasn’t shown the whole quilt yet, but you will see it here. Let’s review the whole quilt top, the techniques she used to quilt it, and how CS7 helped accomplish it!

Drop Those Belts - Hand Guided on a Statler - Demo
Instructor: Sharon Blackmore
Explore the many different hand guided options that the Statler offers so you can get the most out of your Gammill. Sharon will show you how to access them, how they work and when to use them. We will even touch on using rulers. Experience the best of both worlds by tapping into the most creative part of your Statler system… YOU!

Statler: What’s all the fuss about? (30 minute session)
Instructor: Joan Knight and Corey Pearson

Have you heard about Statler by Gammill but not sure what all the fuss is about?
This is a chance to take a glance at what all the fuss is about. Joan and Corey will take a quick peek at the fun features that all us Statler users enjoy each and every day!