Threads by Superior Threads:

Omni Thread by Superior


 Tex 30 (approx. 40 weight) poly-wrapped poly core thread. Designed for quilting, serging, and sewing.

 OMNI has become a favourite go-to thread for longarm quilters. It is a cleaner, brighter, and stronger alternative to other poly-wrapped poly core threads. This means that you will spend more time quilting with far fewer interruptions of broken threads and skipped stitches. OMNI is a 40 wt. polyester thread that is designed to withstand the rigours of high-speed quilting and is available in a wide array of 172 solid colours to match any possible colour need. 



 40 wt. 2-ply (Tex 30) variegated poly-wrapped poly core thread. Designed for quilting.

OMNI-V is a beautiful, variegated polyester thread we have designed for quilting. Gorgeous color combinations, low lint, and a subtle matte finish makes OMNI-V an excellent quilting thread. OMNI-V is made from the same fiber composition as OMNI, but is dyed in variegated (multi) colors with a one inch color change. OMNI-V is available on 2,000 yd. cones in over 70 color blends.

King Tut Thread by Superior


 40 wt. 3-ply Egyptian-grown extra-long staple cotton thread. Designed for quilting.

King Tut is one of nature’s finest threads. It is certified Egyptian-grown, extra-long staple cotton and designed for quilting on both home machines and longarm machines. With the finest spinning, twisting, dyeing, and finishing techniques, King Tut has extremely low lint. You and your machine will thoroughly enjoy the quilting experience. Available in over 100 variegated and solid colors.



50 wt. 3-ply polyester thread. Designed for bobbin thread, quilting, and sewing.

 So Fine! is a lint-free, matte-finish, smooth 50 wt. 3 filament polyester thread. Due to its fine nature, So Fine! is an excellent blending thread and loved by both longarm and home machine quilters. Available in 134 colors, So Fine! also makes a wonderful bobbin thread.

Threads by Hab+Dash by Fil-Tec 

The ability to maintain consistent thread tension is the most important variable to quality & efficient production. Fil-Tec Glide™ with Advanced Trilobal Technology will maintain consistent tension throughout each & every spool. The results are high quality, consistent stitch formation, fewer thread breaks & fewer machine stops.
Longarmers all over western Canada rely on the superior strength of Glide in fast-paced production environments.  Stronger Thread translates into fewer thread breaks & less machine downtime. 
Despite having the same colour names as Glide, Glide 60 is a finer-sized polyester filament that does not have the same sheen or look of Glide.
A great choice for small letter embroidery, micro-stippling & fine-detail quilting. 
Makes a great bobbin thread & is produced from the same high tenacity filament polyester as our patented "Magna-Glide Classic" bobbin. 

Affinity is the unique choice for embroidery, quilting & decorative stitch designs. 
Affinity's one-inch colour-repeats are the perfect touch for when you want to add a little extra pizzaz. 
You can rely on the optimum strength of Affinity in fast-pace production environments. Stronger thread translates into fewer thread breaks & less machine downtime. 


Magna-Glide Delights Pre-Wound Bobbins
Magna-Glide Delights are produced using our top Glide colours, giving you a perfect match on the bottom & Perfect match on the bottom & top of every piece you stitch.
Oil-Tech uses only the finest quality, high tenacity polyester yarns to make our patented magnetic-core bobbin.
Remember to remove the anti-backlash spring from the metal bobbin case prior to use.  Always insert the magnet down into the metal case.


Just a few minutes of being exposed to light & the beautiful pastel colours glow powerfully in the dark for up to eight hours. 

Luminary's consistent elongation & high tensile strength offer optimal performance.

The glowing effect is diminished after each wash, ironing & dry-cleaning session.  Luminary has successfully passed 50 wash tests while still retaining some of its glowing power. 




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