Wholesale Account


Guidelines for wholesale thread accounts

Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd. offers a wholesale program for thread. 

Click HERE to apply! 

Who is eligible for this program? 

This program is available to people who operate a longarm, monogram, embroidery or quilting business.  

Where do I apply for a wholesale account? 

You can apply by clicking HERE. 

What information will I need to provide? 

In order for us to establish someone as a wholesale customer, we need proof that it is a legitimate business, such as a copy of a business license or GST number.

For wholesale customers in British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba we will require your provincial tax number to show your tax exempt status. British Columbia residents, if you do not have a retail tax number, we have a form from the provincial government you will need to return to us showing your business / tax exempt status. 

You will also need to complete the wholesale application form. 

After your application has been completed please email a copy of your current business license to mapleleafquiltingcompany@shaw.ca .  (You only need to send a copy of your business license if you have not been able to provide a GST number when completing your wholesale application. A photo or screenshot of the business license is acceptable, and it can be sent to the email above.)

Will I need to apply again? 

No, you will not need to apply again; however, regardless of when you register for your wholesale account, you will be asked to provide poof your business is still operational in the month of January every year.   This can be done by providing your current year business license by January 30. 

Do you offer all your products at a wholesale price?

Thread is currently the only product we offer at wholesale pricing. 

Wholesale Thread | Glide | Omni | Pre-wound Bobbins

To receive the wholesale thread discount, each thread order must be $100 or more (after discount, before taxes).  Thread is the only product eligible for a wholesale discount. 

This applies to in-store pickup and mail-out orders. 

If an order from a wholesale customer includes items besides thread, the thread portion of the order must total at least $100 in order to receive the wholesale discount.   This account applies to longarm thread ONLY. 

Wholesale customers are responsible for paying shipping charges for wholesale thread orders. 

If you would like a separate retail account where you can qualify for free shipping on other items, you will need to have a different account set up with a different email address. 



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