Why Buy From Us?

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Frustrated with your current longarm? 
... Not able to stitch all day without issues? 
... Aways in the shop? 
... No support after purchase? 
We are here to help and welcome you to the Gammill Family! 
1. We offer a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY program. Scroll to Bottom (or click here)
No need to pay money to rent a longarm to see if you like the machine first. 
If you are close to making your decision, contact us and book an appointment to quilt a small baby quilt on the machine you are interested in.  This gives you hands on testing in real time, and we will be there to answer questions and walk you through step by step! 
2. Our awesome GAMMILL FAMILY is here for your support and success! 
Our Maple Leaf Quilting Company team is available for troubleshooting and to answer any questions. 
Gammill support line and the robust online community is all part of being a Gammill family member! 
3. We have a network of available TECHNICIANS across western Canada. 
We have a network of certified Gammill Technicians across western Canada. 
There are dedicated service technicians for Manitoba, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta! 
We recommend having regular maintenance on your machine approximately every 5 years or 500 quilts, whatever comes first!  
We come to your home to preform the service work, lessening your down time while the service is completed.  (Of course if you prefer to bring it to us in our shop.... we do that too! Often if people are going away for the winter or on vacation this is often the preferred way to have the maintenance completed!) 
We have help over the phone and an emergency call out service... for those times you may forget to move the scissors off the quilt or run over a ruler... for example! 
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We welcome you to join our Gammill family.

The Gammill family is decades in the making.  We welcome you to join us! 
Your machine, whether new or used, will be a generational machine, quilting beautiful things for years to come. 
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Every new Gammill machine is hand delivered and set up for your enjoyment! 

Sit back, relax, and let us worry about the details. 
We drive to the USA each month and transport your machine back to Canada! In most cases, your machine never leaves the hands of Gammill or Team Maple Leaf until it is delivered and set up in your home. 
After machine set up you will receive hands-on assistance to get you started on your machine.   The length of in-house training depends on what machine you have purchased.  We will let you know all the basics to get you started with your new machine: threading, basic functions, tension and troubleshooting. 
We ask that you complete a few quilts and then come to our store for one of our quarterly training sessions specific to your machine purchase.  
Your in-store beginner training session will answer any questions you have and move you forward on the next steps with your machine. 
In addition to the beginner training, we also provide ongoing educational events and retreats throughout the year! 
Easy-to-use, touch-screen controls and the latest in stitching technology, combined with proven reliability, make Gammill® the choice of beginners, seasoned quilters, hobbyists, and professionals alike.
Entry-level computerized quilting system for Gammill machines. Quickly place, edit and quilt edge-to-edge and block patterns with the Elevate’s easy-to-use tablet.
Our long-lasting, dependable, quality machines allow you to spend more time quilting. The Statler by Gammill® utilizes cutting-edge computer software and robust hardware to beautifully stitch any design. The Statler® can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt in a matter of hours instead of days.
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Support is available from Gammill (1-800-659-8224), and Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd. as well as your fellow Gammill family members.  
Call us at the store, Gammill help line or join our online community and let your fellow longarm quilters inspire you each and every day. 
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