Beginner Class | Vision 2.0 | Choose Date in Drop Down

Beginner Class | Vision 2.0 | Choose Date in Drop Down


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VISION 2.0 New Owner Class

Due to Covid-19 we will be making a few changes to how our classes are managed and delivered.

Please read below to ensure you are aware of the requirements and new guidelines:

Masks are mandatory in our store and will be required for the entire duration of the class.  If you are not able to wear a mask for whatever reason, we ask that you not attend the class. 

We will be offering a variety of different Zoom meetings at different times, and you are welcome to attend those online sessions as well.

Lunch is not provided. We do have a fridge if you would like to bring a lunch. We also have a couple of restaurants around us that would love to have you visit them.

Due to our small store size, we are limiting classes to a maximum of 3 people.  This is the maximum we can accommodate while maintaining proper social distancing regulations. 

Previously ‘no shows’ for class registrations have been an issue.  Due to this you will need to provide us with a $100 deposit to hold your spot.  This deposit will be refunded to you once you have attended the class. (You may also choose to use this $100 as an in-store credit if you prefer) 

You may cancel your spot with no penalty up to 7 days prior to class. If you cancel your spot with-in 7 days of the class date or do not arrive for class there will be NO REFUND.

These measure are in place because we have a backlog of new owners waiting to attend class and demand is high for class spaces.

This class will not be as ‘hands on’ as previous classes to minimize person to person contact and socially distance. You will have assigned seating and are welcome to follow along while the instructors demonstrate techniques.


This is an exclusive 3 hour class for new owners of Vision 2.0 and is included with your purchase of any Vision 2.0 Gammill longarm! 

Your new owner class will include all the information you need to get you started:

  • Maintenance & care of your machine
  • How to load a quilt
  • How to sew a pantograph
  • Ask any an all questions you have!     

This class is for you….your fabulous new owner self!

** Must register to attend **

You may attend this class if you own at Vision 2.0 and did not purchase from Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd. at a cost of $200.00. You will be sent an online invoice and it must be paid in advance of the class.  There are no refunds - you will have the opportunity to reschedule your class at a later date.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are no registrations 3 business days prior to this event the event will be cancelled.