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Quick Change Foot

Quick Change Foot

Introducing the Gammill quick change foot package! 

****Please note this product is currently in pre-order status we have sold out of our first 2 pre-orders and are currently waiting for our next shipment to send you ASAP!! ****

No matter what your project, Gammill now has a foot to make your quilting shine! This set from Gammill features a quick change adapter that allows feet to be changed quickly without tools.

Spoon Foot: Great for appliqué, edges, and lofty battings! (Those lofty battings are always trouble!) 

Open Toe Foot: Better to see the needle area, great for ditch quilting and custom touches. (Open up to a lot of quilting ideas!)

Couching Foot: Stitch yarns or cording to the top of your art your quilts as desired. (Yarning for art quilts? Okay, even I groaned at that one)

Trapunto Foot: Smaller profile is perfect for appliqué work also ! ( Blow your own trapunto and quilt away the day.)

Ruler Foot:  This is the foot style you likely have on your machine today. (Rule your quilt on any day!)

Quick-Change Foot Holder: Install this foot holder, then the other feet just slip onto it. 



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