Stabilglider Tear-N-Wash - 2.0 oz 14” x 25 Yrd

Stabilglider Tear-N-Wash - 2.0 oz 14” x 25 Yrd


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A tear away embroidery stabilizer that dissolves unnecessary stabilizer when washed

Tear-N-Wash is a soft tear away backing with a unique wash away characteristic. Upon washing, the remaining stabilizer will break apart and wash away leaving the embroidery soft, and free of stabilizer while the stitches remain fully locked. This is the perfect backing to use when you want a clear finish on the back without any backing showing.

Tear-N-Wash can be used in the same applications where a typical tear away backing would be utilized. The benefit is that any stabilizer that you do not tear away, will wash away in the washing machine the 1st time.

Tear-N-Wash is different than water-soluble stabilizer. If you are looking for a topping that dissolves completely in water, we suggest “Solvy”. If you are looking for a water-soluble stabilizer for lace, we suggest Vilene.

2.0oz density

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