Template Starter Kit by Linda V. Taylor-Longarm ruler-Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd.

Template Starter Kit by Linda V. Taylor


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This  Template Starter Kit Contains 5 Template Must-Haves including:

Applique Helper–This ruler is specially designed by Linda V. Taylor.

The 10"x 1/4" acrylic template is used to help guide the foot around applique and micro-stippling. It fits around the 1/4" longarm hopping foot for better control.  It has both a scalloped and a straight edge to give you even more uses.  A wonderful must-have for any quilter!  See what it does CLICK HERE.

4"  Heart in Oval–-This 1/4" thick acrylic template has a heart cut out of a 6-3/4" oval and is designed with an opening for the hopping foot. Used for ovals or hearts

3" Star in a Circle–This template has a 3 inch star in a 6 inch circle, made of 1/4" acrylic template designed with an opening for the hopping foot. Used for stars or circles.

4"x12" Ruler– This acrylic ruler is great for every day use. Stitch in the ditch is a snap with this ergonomic ruler for no hand stress! It's equipped with 1/4" markings and two across the 1/4" markings to keep everything lined up!

Square 6"x6"–Square (1/8 inch thick) is marked with 1" circles to target and centre markings for perfect placement!