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      In 1985 ABM International was awarded its first United States Patent #4,505,212, confirming ABM as the original inventor of the computerized quilting machine! More recently ABM has been awarded for its ground breaking ability to embroider on a longarm quilting machine. With our extensive understanding and experience of industrial and home robotics quilting systems, you can rest assured ABM has the natural ability to deliver the same robust quality in their robotics and software as they do with the INNOVA quilting machines. ABM’s proprietary motion control hardware and software is made in the USA and allows the quilter to layout the quilting designs for individual blocks or the entire quilt. The Autopilot system includes a 3-axis AC servo system for high-speed quilting, controlled acceleration and deceleration with unmatched reliability and performance. Its repeatability and positioning are unrivaled in the industry. Editing features are available to realize a quality result, whether it be a simple resize, a quick edge-to-edge layout, detailed custom creation, or an original design drawn directly onscreen! Continually improving and adding new features, updates are included with our systems. Always utilizing the latest technology paired with a penchant for industrial quality and innovation, ABM offers software and robotics from PantoVision® T2 (hand guided digital pantograph guidance system, patented) to Navigator® P2 (mid entry robotics), to full featured AutoPilot® Mach 3 with the ability to add Grand Format Embroidery® with Path Apply and Applique! Increase your productivity and release your creativity with a computerized quilting system from ABM International for INNOVA! 

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