Gammill Vision 2.0 by Maple Leaf Quilting Company

Longarm Quilting Services

      Complete your quilt tops by using one of our longarm quilting services.  A finished quilt is your uncompromised victory!

      Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd has a variety of Longarm Quilting Services available to quilt makers.

      Edge to Edge Quilting (our original Quilt by Mail) is full of choice for our customers. Using an easy online ordering system walking you through step by step to build your perfect quilt.

      Quilter's Choice - Edge to Edge  is an easy way to order your quilt with minimal options. It is a perfect solution for anyone having a difficult time deciding on quilting pattern or thread colour.  You fill in the blanks on a few questions and our quilter does the rest. We will select a thread colour and quilting pattern to compliment your quilt top.

      Edge to Edge with Separate Border  is a little touch of custom quilting for your quilts.  This service includes one border pattern and one border to border design on the inside of the quilt. We will be adding additional pattern options in the coming months! 

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