Janome MC9450 Feet and Accessories

Wondering what is included with the Janome MC9450? All the feet and accessories you'll need whether you are a quilter, a garment sewist or other type of sewist. Let Kim show you all of the feet - and the storage - that's included with the Janome MC9450.

How to use the Janome M7 AcuFeed Flex System and Feet

You might call it a walking foot but the Janome AcuFeed Flex System is more than that! Learn all about this helpful feature on the Janome M7 and what feet are included with the machine.

Top 10 Janome M7 Features for Quilting

In this video I'm sharing the top 10 features that I love and find so helpful on the Janome M7. I'm a quilter and there are several features that make my quilting easier and more enjoyable and I wanted to share these with you.

Janome MC9450 and M7 Comparison

JANOME MC9450 AND M7 COMPARISON There's another new Janome in the Chatterbox Quilts' studio: the Janome Continental M7. In this video, I compare both the Janome MC9450 and the M7. While there are many differences between the Janome MC94540 and the M7, I wanted to give you a quick overview of the ones that are most obvious. More videos on the Janome Continental M7 are coming!

A Little Bit About Chatterbox Quilts

Welcome to Chatterbox Quilts, the source for quilting improvement and enjoyment. If you are passionate about quilting and are looking to improve your skills, stretch your abilities, try new ideas or just have fun then Chatterbox Quilts has something for you.

Hi, I’m Kim Jamieson-Hirst and I started Chatterbox Quilts over 10 years ago. It’s come a long way from a simple blog talking about what project I was working on that week to the company it is today. Chatterbox Quilts has always been about offering solutions to help people improve their quilting but now the solutions are offered in many formats, from a blog, pattern shop, YouTube videos, courses, Facebook, and my membership, The Quilter’s Way.

The evolution of Chatterbox Quilts has reflected my journey as a quilter. In the early days of my journey it was all about the techniques. As I became more proficient as a quilter I realized that learning more techniques is not the secret to enjoying your quilting to its fullest. It became clear to me that while it was important to hone my skills, it wasn’t the secret to getting the most enjoyment from my quilting.

I found that I enjoyed quilting the most when I was quilting what I wanted, when I wanted, and when I was connected with other quilters.

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