Your next sewing adventure begins here.

Thoughtful design and ergonomic features to transform the way you sew, quilt or appliqué. Both new Horizon models from Janome feature a hi-definition 5" touchscreen and easy-to-reach buttons which make those quiet "me-time" sewing sessions even more enjoyable. One question remains, "What kind of sewist are you?

Free Motion Quilting

Compatible with the MC9480 QCP model only, the A.S.R. (Accurate Stitch Regulator) kit includes four feet: closed-toe, open-toe, clear view and the exclusive ruler work foot. All your free-motion needs are covered with the added benefit of being able to adjust the sensitivity as your skills grow. Sold separately.

AccuFeed Flex

The MC9480 QCP detachable AcuFeed Flex™ layered fabric feeding system is simply the best on the market. AcuFeed Flex works in conjunction with the enhanced 7-piece feed dogs to ensure precise feeding control with quilted projects or thick and tricky fabrics. (MC9410 QC optional accessory)

Retractable Sewing Light

Bright LED lighting in 3 locations provide a shadow-free needle and sewing bed workspace. The MC9480 QC Professional also includes a retractable sewing light (9 LEDs in total) to provide even more direct light around the needle area.

Automatic Presser Foot Lift

This useful feature can be set to raise the presser foot at the end of sewing while the needle stays down in the fabric to allow for easy pivoting.

Professional Grade Needle Plate, HP and HP2 Foot

The narrow gauge industrial inspired HP and HP2 feet are great for curves and precise top stitching. They provide excellent control, superior visibility and create a perfect 1/4" seam. (Professional grade HP needle plate, HP and HP2 foot are optional accessories for the MC9410 QC)

Floating Mode

Available on the MC9480 QC Professional, Floating Mode adjusts the presser foot pressure and height without affecting tension. This is especially useful when sewing delicate and tricky fabrics which tend to shift.

Extension table

Dreams of grandeur or maybe you just want to super-size your next project? The MC9480 QCP extra wide extension table provides the surface you need to make it bigger and much more comfortable to sew. (MC9410 QC optional accessory)

Cloth Guide

The MC9480 QC Professional cloth guide quickly snaps around the free arm to stitch wide even hems, position decorative stitches, parallel quilting lines and more. It can even be used with the extra wide extension table attached. (MC9410 QC optional accessory)


The AcuSpark2 app for the MC9480 QCP provides machine learning and support. Simply scan the QR code on the hi-definition screen with your phone and the app provides useful information about the stitch selected, recommended presser feet, adjustment tips, and more. (Not available with the MC9410 QC)

Extra Storage

Where to put all those frequently used accessories? Both models feature dual free arm storage bins plus a top accessory compartment. The three storage areas are specially designed for holding your favourite presser feet, bobbins, needles and more.

Built-in Stitches

With so many built-in stitches, choosing the project might be the easy part. Both models have 11 one-step buttonholes and 4 fonts with 9 mm block capitals. The MC9480 QCP has 400 stitches and the MC9410 QC has 300 stitches to choose from.

Superior Needle Threader 2

Threading could not be easier. Set your thread, push the lever, release and then start sewing. The enhanced design feeds thread through the eye of the needle for quick starts and thread changes.

Stitches up to 9mm Wide

Add a personal touch with big stitches. Both Horizon models have up to 9 mm wide stitches to make your decorative stitches bolder, broader, and even more distinct.

Needle Plates with Precision Markings

Sewists constantly strive for perfection in their sewing, even as they tackle various fabric types and styles. The MC9480 QCP comes with three needle plates: zig zag, straight stitch, Professional grade HP (MC9410 QC optional accessory). Precision and control: The patented needle plate markings provide comprehensive measurements for seams, pivot points and angle lines to create professional results.

one-Step needle plate

No screws or tools required. The one-step needle plate lever on both models allows the sewist to simply push and release the needle plate.

memorized piecing

The memorized quilt seaming feature on both the MC9480 QC Professional and MC9410 QC memorizes the length of your seams. When sewing, the machine will stop exactly where it should for accurate piecing

Sleek and Stylish Design

Everything, within reach. Ergonomically designed sewing head, needle area and easy access buttons are intuitively placed to make sewing and seeing your project, effortless.

Advanced Touchscreen

With the angled high-definition 5" touchscreen and included stylus, sewists can quickly navigate through the hundreds of built-in stitches and sewing applications. Choose your language preference, select new stitches and memorize favourite stitches for quick access.

Create Your Own Stitches

The included Stitch Composer program takes sewing creativity to the next level. Make your own stitches to create patterns using the dedicated PC program. Transfer stitches to the machine via the machine USB port.


The Horizon Memory Craft models come with an assortment of accessories for all your sewing, quilting and appliqué projects. See all the included accessories on the MC9480 QC Professional and MC98410 QC feature sheets.