Encoder Spring Kit

Encoder Spring Kit


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  • (2) BOM1460- Encoder Bracket w/ Bushing
  • (2) PRT1586- Encoder Spring
  • (2) HDW1217- Shoulder Bolt(goes through the spring)
  • (1) HDW1068- Nylon Insert Hex Nut for the bolt above
  • (1) HDW1219- This is the small bolt that goes in the angle bracket.
  • (1) PRT1341- Encoder Angle Bracket
  • (2) HDW1221- Socket Bolt for the X-Axis Caliper Mount

If your machine does not have channel locks, you will need this as well: 

Caliper Mount Kit:

  • (1) PRT1522- X-Axis Caliper Mount
  • (2) HDW1160- T Nuts