Changeable Quilters Guide Foot ( 5,6,7,8)  (413155545)
Changeable Quilters Guide Foot ( 5,6,7,8)  (413155545)

Changeable Quilters Guide Foot ( 5,6,7,8) (413155545)


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(for Interchangeable Dual Feed) 
Not for EMERALD 122, 118 and 116 machines. 
Eden Rose 250M, TRIBUTE 140M, 145M. 
Use the Changeable Quilters's Guide Foot when stitching in the ditch along a seam line. The foot has guidelines to make it easy to accurately turn corners for 1/4 (6mm) or 1/8 (3mm) seams. 
The Dual Feed with Changeable Presser Feet is designed to feed layers of fabric and or batting evenly.  It is perfect for quilltng, sewing velvet, some stretch fabrics, imitation leathers and fabrics which need accurate pattern matching. 
1.  Stitching in the ditch means stitching in the finished seam line. 
2. Snap on the Changeable Quilter's Guide Foot. Select the center needle straight stitch and adjust it up to a maximum stitch length of 6. 
3. Place the fabric to be stitched under the presser foot aligning the guide in the centre of the foot with the seam line. 
4. To pivot 1/4 (6mm) from the end: Select the Needle Up/Down to activate the needle down. Sew the seam. Stop sewing when the front line on the foot is even with the edge of the fabric. Raise the presser foot, pivot and continue sewing. 
5. The Changeable Dual Feed Foot makes feeding several layers smooth and easy. 

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