Janome Plastic Bobbins

Janome Plastic Bobbins


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Fits most Janome Top and Front Loading Machines

Guaranteed to fit Janome Sewing Machine Models:
128, 2206, 2212, 2222, 3128, 6050, 6100, 660 Jem Gold, 712T, 7318 Magnolia, 7330 Magnolia, AMH-M100, HD1000, HD3000, MC12000, MC8200QC, MC8200QCPSE, MOD-100, MOD-100Q, MOD-15, MOD-19, MOD-200, MOD-30, MOD-50, NQM2016 National Quilt Museum, Sewist 500, Skyline S3, Skyline S6, Skyline S7

Guaranteed to fit Necchi Sewing Machine Models:
EC100, EV7, EX100, EX30, EX60, FA16, FB12, HD22, NE30, QS60, TM8

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