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Pounce Pad Refill

Refill Pack for the Pounce Pad.
( Choose between Iron - Off or Wash Off )  

The original white chalk before the Ultimate, it’s still a fantastic marker for dark fabrics, does not iron off but can be brushed or washed off. Everyone’s quilts are different so it’s difficult to say “x” amount of quilts can be marked but we can say one bag was opened right before a major quilt show last spring, and we used the pad non-stop demonstrating how to transfer the Full Line Stencils 9 hours a day for 4 days and we still had a quarter of the bag left at the end. That’s a lot of quilt marking!
Refills are also available through us! 

Never before has marking quilts been easier than with our Ultimate Iron-off Pounce Powder!  The Quilt Pounce applies it like any other type of chalk or powder to easily and instantly transfer your stencil design. The Ultimate Pounce Powder adheres exceptionally well with minimal bouncing when sewing along the transferred stencil lines. Best of all, when you’re done following your design, you simply run your heated iron over the pattern and it disappears without a trace. It also washes off or brushes off if you prefer. The Ultimate Pounce Powder is safe; it’s been used in the garment industry for many years. Very old clothes are marked with it and still hang in museums showing no sign of deterioration. You can use it on your heirloom quilts with confidence. If you have a quilting business and don’t wash your customers quilts, The Ultimate Pounce Powder is for you! Use with dry or steam iron, med high setting. 


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