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Software upgrade premium pack 2 for the luminaire XP1


Regular price $449.99


Want to get the most out of your Luminaire Innov-is Edition? The  SAVRXPUGK2 Upgrade Kit is packed with new features to take your sewing game to a whole new level. There are new quilting sash patterns, including 2-colour quilting sash, triple stitching options for quilting sash patterns and so much more!

  • New shape for the auto split of sash features (Hexagon)
  • 2-colour quilting sash
  • Triple stitching option for quilting sash patterns
  • New designs for single decorative fill on MDC
  • Easy decorative fill stippling in embroidery mode
  • Shorter length embroidery BH patterns
  • Additional 50 embroidery patterns
  • Option for background image
  • Four sheets of end point stickers