Zigzag Foot

Zigzag Foot


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Zigzag Foot, Janome 2014, type A

Also called the all-purpose foot. Used for most utility sewing from straight stitch to zig-zag stitching.

Compatible with Machine Models:

Janome: Jem Gold 660
Janome: 2014
Janome: MC3000
Janome: Schoolmate S-3015
Janome: MC3500
Janome: Décor Excel 5018
Janome: Décor Excel Pro 5124
Janome: MC5700
Janome: MC6500
Janome: DC3018
Janome: MC6600
Janome: MC4800QC
Janome: MC4900QC
Janome: 4618
Janome: 4623
Janome: 6019QC
Janome: 6125QC
Janome: 6260QC
Janome: 712T
Janome: Classmate S-750
Janome: DC3050
Janome: Jem Gold 2
Janome: Jem Platinum 720
Janome: Jem Platinum 760