How we came to be...

At Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd., we believe in the power of courageously completing quilts. The quality of our craftsmanship and the quilters we employ are what make Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd. truly exceptional.

Tracy - our founder and owner - was a frustrated quilter: frustrated with being unable to get target times from local longarm quilters; frustrated with very few pattern options; frustrated with batting not being included with the quilting service; and frustrated with limited options for mail-in quilting service outside the USA without a huge shipping expense.

Tracy decided to take the processes and service of a corporate environment and use those techniques in a longarm quilting business. She started a mail-in longarm quilting service that focuses on top-notch customer service, good communication and includes shipping costs with every quilting order.

This business idea has evolved into the #1 QUILT BY MAIL SERVICE IN ALL OF CANADA! We have a storefront location in beautiful Cochrane, Alberta but we have customers from all across the country. In addition to our quilting services, we are the Alberta Dealer for Innova and Janome long arm quilting machines, plus we carry a huge selection of longarm quilting supplies and wideback fabric. We were the first in Canada to offer an easy online ordering interface for longarm quilting services, with free batting and hundreds of edge-to-edge patterns to choose from.

Quality Long Arm Services

At Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd., we are here to add the finishing touches to your beautiful quilts. We pride ourselves with our variety of Long Arm Quilting Services available to you with the utmost quality of craftmanship, performed by our expert quilters. A finished quilt is your uncompromised victory, and we are here to win it with you!


Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd. has a variety of Professional Quilting Services available to quilt makers. It is easy to place your order and send your quilt to us.

 Have you ever thought about sending a quilt - but were not sure how the whole process works? Keep reading to find out how easy the online ordering process is!

 From our homepage select the menu tab for Longarm Quilting Service. We currently have three options for our longarm service: Edge to Edge Quilting; Edge to Edge Quilting - Quilter’s Choice; and Edge to Edge & Separate Border.

What's the difference?

 Edge to Edge Quilting is our original longarm quilting service. You enter the dimensions of your quilt (in inches - whole numbers please i.e. 60 x 70 - not 72 ¾ x 84.33 or something like that), then the quilting pattern menu will come up. You can scroll through the different categories and select the perfect pattern for your quilt.

 Next, you will be asked to select a thread colour. Hint - if you are not 100% sure, select the one you think will be the closest match, and leave us a note in the comments section (more about that later).

 Then you will be asked about backing fabric, batting and whether you would like us to trim your quilt when it is finished!

Our second option is Edge-to-Edge Quilting - Quilter’s Choice. This is a perfect solution for anyone having a difficult time deciding on quilting pattern or thread colour...

 You answer some questions about backing fabric, batting and whether you would like us to trim your quilt, and our quilter will select a thread colour and quilting pattern to compliment your quilt top!

 The newest Longarm Quilting option is our Edge-to-Edge with Separate Border. This service includes quilting 1 border around the outer edge and 1 edge-to-edge design in the middle of your quilt, as well as stitch in the ditch around the border.

With this option, you select the thread colour and the border/centre pattern from our menu of pattern combinations. At the end of the order form, there is a section for Comments or Instructions.

 If there is anything you are not sure of, or want to give us special instructions, this is where you should tell about it.

 Notes can be anything you think we need to know: “Please make the quilting very dense.” Or, “I selected ‘Amethyst’ colour thread, but if a different shade of purple matches the border of my quilt top, please feel free to switch it.”

 It is also super helpful if you put a brief description of your quilt in here - especially if you are sending more than one quilt in your order. “Pink and grey baby quilt with Ivory flannel backing” (but make it about YOUR quilt) is all we need!


How much does longarm quilting cost? It is all based on the size of your quilt. For the Edge-to-Edge and the Quilters Choice longarm quilting services, we charge 3.3 cents per square inch.

For the Edge-to-Edge with Separate Border option, the cost is 5 cents per square inch, because it is a much more involved process and it takes longer to complete your quilting project.

To calculate the price, multiply the length by the width (in inches) and multiply that by 0.03. Length x Width = Area x $0.033 = price of quilting service.

With all three options, after you have made your selections, you complete your purchase by paying through our secure system, then we will send you and order confirmation email that includes a link to the Canada Post website so you can print out a shipping label to mail your quilt to us at no charge to you. If you do not receive this confirmation email within a few minutes of placing your order, please check your junk mail folder, as some servers will direct our email in there.

One last thing…. PLEASE make sure you put your name (and preferably your order number) inside the box with your quilt! From time-to-time we receive boxes of quilts with no return address and nothing inside to tell us who it came from. We have always been able to figure it out, but it is just WAY easier if you include your name in the package!

What happens after your quilt arrives in our store? Read our blog below to find out!

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